Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Black Dot Issue 000

This is the new world for me. Team-Captin is a thing of the past, or potentially part of the future. Nonetheless, my focus is now on the Black Dot Universe. The core series is something of a soap opera. Many different stories happening across the galaxy. Gives me the freedom to tell a good story without being tied to a Batman that somehow operates for 70+ years.

Recently, I attended the 24-Hour Comics Marathon at the Comic Book Lounge + Gallery. Due to the nature of the event, it would have been cheating to tap into the current roster of Black Dot characters. So, in accordance to the 'rules', I spent the first hour mapping a new story with some new characters. It should be noted that I only managed to finish the pencilling within the timeframe, and about 1/3 the inking. You can tell where I stopped inking when the art gets sloppy.
Without further ado... Here is my "24-Hour" Comic.

It occurred to me while adding the captions that there was no real need for dialogue or sfx. In the future, I may add them in... though for now, it has a charming appeal on its own as a silent film with a juxtaposed story over top.
If you had trouble understanding, the original intent was that a thief arrived at a dwarvish mining colony, needing repairs after fleeing from Ice Giants. She uses her nymph ability over pheromones to manipulate the local tour guide into having him steal the parts needed, and is turned in to the Ice Giants by the goblin she rips off. Ultimately, it turns out the goblin stored a faulty part, and the Ice Giants apprehend the criminal.

Yours Sleepily,
-J.S. Longstreet

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